The Back Room is back

The Back Room is back at the Sun-Times and they have a great line from Jim Ryan’s campaign:

“The Democratic candidates are, for the most part, inexperienced political hacks who are all family members of the old ‘Chicago Machine.”

First, before addressing him anymore, let’s call him J-Ry since he is so terribly concerned about voter confusion. Generally, J-Ry isn’t a bad guy. A bit too conservative for my tastes, but he is generally honest and no more of a blowhole than the average pol. But come on J-Ry, let’s whine about your real problem–G-Ry.

After yesterday it is clear the two of you are far more at fault for the state of your campaign than those big bad Chicago pols (and it isn’t like DuPage is r’ral now is it?). The Capitol Fax dissects the problem well (no archive so get it while it lasts).