Friedman does one of the

Friedman does one of the better pieces on the potential war. It is about the only decent piece I’ve seen that discusses the historical problems present. While I could be supportive of a war that included the support of our allies, this is just one more question the Bush administration doesn’t seem willing to address. Solving historical problems with Kurds provides an especially tricky (Duke reference) problem with our closest Arab ally.

CounterSpin Central points out Lugar has called for UN action first. Lugar, who would be the Republican president if the party hadn’t jumped over the right wing cliff, makes the excellent point that such a move would be easy–it isn’t like Saddam is going to comply, so why not abide by the process the US set up to serve its needs?

Lugar has bothered to look down the game tree and see things strategically. Given the bungling of the hawks in the Bush administration to date, it doesn’t appear they have bothered to figure out the game tree even. Lugar’s suggestion also will bring along some of our allies in Europe and maybe an Arab country or two outside of Turkey.

Taking out Hussein is a necessity. However, there are different strategies for doing so and this administration does not seem to be considering any other option besides unilateral action. I was surprised to see this from Victor Levine. Levine is usually much less shrill. Then again, perhaps shrillness will get someone’s attention.