For something on the lighter

For something on the lighter side, Keith Olberman’s new column in Salon is beautiful. In other publications he seems to have been limited in what he could say. Salon, for as long as it stays afloat has really improved itself–Joe Conason’s weblog is first rate.

I can’t seem to muster much sympathy for either side in the whole ordeal, but the sheer keystone cops imitation by the owners never fails to provide great humor. This quote is the best reason why there will be no extended work stoppage:

” Cancel the World Series this year and you immediately owe Fox Television $300 million plus up to $230 million more in penalties to compensate the network for lost advertising revenue. ”

The owners ought to be thankful the players have moved at all with that guillotine over the heads of the owners.

Of course, I’m all for a strike. I’m a huge baseball fan and whenever they strike attendance goes down. Thus, ticket prices don’t go up as fast and there are more good seats to choose from.