Where is Mark Potok?

Whenever we get even a small chance of an event being terrorism from an Islamic source we get conservative bedwetters like Frank Gaffney or Pamela Geller or any other numbnut who hates brown people on the teevee telling us to wet our pants.  Why isn’t a responsible researcher who has dedicated years of work to tracking the white supremacy movement on the speed dial at the same places for cases like Wade Page? 

It’s Called Domestic Terrorism

Given the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center have already tied Wade Page to white supremacist groups, can we start talking about domestic terrorism now?  Or do we only treat darker people as terrorists?  Or do we need the bed wetting right to get the press up in arms?


Looking around at the news sites, this point isn’t being made.  Why not?


Actually, the Sun Times is, but everything else appears to be downplaying it.