Going Forward

I’m trying to figure out what exactly ArchPundit is going to be going forward and I’ll probably have some sense in the next week or two and will post when I get a few things out of the way that have been keeping me from the site.  I can say, I’m not going away, but I certainly can’t post like I used to.

PCCC Endorses Ilya Sheyman in IL-10

Just passing along this from Progressive Change Campaign Committee.  I haven’t taken a position in this race, but Ilya is good people.


We saw over the last couple years that just electing “Democrats” is not enough.

Even with full Democratic control of government — including 60 seats in the Senate — corporate Democrats killed the public option and watered down Wall Street reform.Â

In 2012, we can’t just focus on electing Democrats. We need to focus on electing bold progressive fighters. 

Today, we’re proud to endorse Ilya Sheyman in the 10th Congressional District of Illinois.

Can you chip in $3 to Ilya’s campaign before tonight’s national fundraising deadline at midnight? Click here.

We’ve spoken with Ilya many times and watched his campaign grow from its infancy to the strong people-powered army that it is today. Ilya has built a campaign that can win — and win big.

He supports government investment in jobs, Medicare for all, holding Wall Street accountable — and pretty much every progressive position you can think of.

He says, “I am sick and tired of Democrats who refuse to stand up and fight back for progressive values that make a difference in people’s lives.”

In addition, we spoke with Ilya this week about Elizabeth Warren — and his enthusiasm for her candidacy is palpable. Ilya vows to be a strong ally of hers in Congress, and she will need that.Â

Can you chip in $3 to Ilya’s campaign before tonight’s national fundraising deadline at midnight? Click here.

We will be mobilizing our 36,000 Illinois members on Ilya’s behalf in the days ahead. Please share this email with at least 5 of your neighbors today — so others join the fight.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founders

Who Could Have Predicted?

Grifters are gonna grift:

The unsuccessful 2011 mayoral campaign of Carol Moseley Braun has failed to file documentation on how $315,000 in campaign funds was spent, something that is required by state law.

Illinois Board of Elections officials told the Chicago Sun-Times and NBC5 News they have been unsuccessful in getting either Braun or her now-defunct campaign to explain how the money was spent.

Candidates are required by law to file quarterly campaign disclosure statements. In an April 15 filing, Braun reported raising $323,000 and spending $315,000.

In the report, the Braun campaign listed “Vendors Multiple” instead of itemizing expenditures over $150.




sigh–all good things must come to an end.


“To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and of astonishment at all we have accomplished. To anyone who ever felt touched by our music, our deepest thanks for listening.” R.E.M.

Still swamped for a few days.  Deciding how to go forward with much more limited time.