Calm Down on Concession

I said the same thing when the race was close between Dillard and Brady after the primary–there’s no reason to rush at this point. Let’s open the absentees, make sure everything is good, and then there will be plenty of time for a concession speech.  Everyone always feels some sort of rush to get it out of the way, but we have a process for a reason–let’s use it. Brady is fully within his rights and a few days hurts nothing.

It’s not like he’s threatening Quinn with a baseball bat or something


I’m no fan of Brady, but give him a few days and he’ll give a classy concession when everything is settled.


Seriously?  Of all the casualties of this election season he was the one to survive?

I believe it was Dan Patrick who used to say about Chris Carter–All he does is catch touchdowns.

All Quinn does is wins elections.

Credit to the Democratic Governors’ Association which did an incredible job keeping Quinn afloat.  They pointed out Brady’s conservatism and beat it into enough heads to pull this out.  Others like Personal PAC and the Sierra Club also came in, but the money from DGA helped Quinn survive the RGA onslaught.

Too Close–I’m Drinking Beer–See You In The Morning

We are down to where the votes are left and while downstate came in a bit late, it now appears split where the votes are.  It’s anyone’s game in the Senate race and possibly a split decision which would be fitting.

Bean is up slightly–against a complete fucking whackjob and Seals is down 5,000 votes, but I don’t know where the votes are there.

Quinn is still holding on–I think he may take this.  WTF.

Latino Vote Heavily Democratic

Poll on Latino Voters

Latino vote for Governor
Patrick Quinn: 83%
Bill Brady: 13%

Latino share of voters: 6%
Latino contribution to Quinn: +4.2

Latino vote for Senate
Alexi Giannoulias: 84%
Mark Kirk: 15%

Latino share of voters: 6%
Latino contribution to Giannoulias: +4.1


If the Dems win, that’s the difference, though so are one hundred other factors given the closeness.

The early numbers are looking good–better than I expected for Governor and Senator.

What’s interesting about the above, Brady and Kirk are not extreme right wingers on immigration.  In Brady’s case, it’s really his one moderate position so these results are interesting.


Hacking Cough of Death

The children brought home some plague and I’ve been recovering. Almost back to normal today and will be posting later.

It’s going to be a bad day–the only question is how bad and I honestly cannot tell with all of the weird polling problems this year. So go out, vote and get your lazy friends off their asses.