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What could go wrong with this strategy…

In conjunction with coverage of Tea Party events from around the country, PJTV has established a tip-line for event attendees to report on attempts by Tea Party Crashers to disrupt the events.
Please, let your readers know about the tip-line and encourage them to report the crashers.
Reports can be sent to and will be reported by PJTV commentators. To receive the most updated information on Tea Party crashers, click here.

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I can’t wait for the purity tests to determine

who is a real tea partier

and who is not.

Tea Party Crashers

With recent polls suggesting that around 40 percent of Americans are supportive of the Tea Party Movement, some are seeing this rise in popularity as a threat. In the early stages politicians (Pelosi’s “angry mob” comments,etc) – and the MSM were simply denigrating and ridiculing the movement. Now that the movement is gaining steam and the threat is larger, there is an evolution to a more direct stage of attack from so-called “Tea Party Crashers.” These individuals – some organized, some freelance – attempt to infiltrate Tea Party demonstrations in an anonymous manner. They seek to discredit the Tea Party Movement, and all it stands for, by exaggerating inaccurate stereotypes, thus generating bad publicity in the media. The crashers methods include:

  1. Deliberately misspelling words in signs
  2. Using racist slurs in signs or verbally
  3. Using homophobic slurs in signs or verbally
  4. Using exaggerated imagery, such as showing Obama as Hitler
  5. Generally behaving in a hostile and disreputable manner that reflects poorly on the demonstration

PJTV and Pajamas Media encourage you to report Tea Party Crashers as quickly as possible to These reports can be in photo, video or text forms.

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So pretty much the crashers are indistinguishable from the actual tea party participants….

Eric Beat Me to the Punch

Eric wrote a very good column on what is going on in Pat Quinn’s head–which as of today appears to be just about nothing.  Hmmmm…Donuts.


One is that Blagojevich was on the offensive quickly and relentlessly. Less than one month after the primary, he was on the air with a series of “What’s she thinking?” TV commercials attacking Topinka’s opposition to a hike in the minimum wage and to an assault weapons ban.

Even though Topinka was fairly well-known to voters — three-term state treasurer, suburban social moderate — the Blagojevich campaign defined her as an erratic extremist before she could define herself, thus forcing her to play defense through the summer and fall.


Quinn doesn’t appear to be fundraising, he doesn’t have a campaign manager, marginally has a campaign team, and has no field operation. What he did have was SEIU and some other unions who could work the ground for him and are now pissed at him.  And he attempted to walk out and went the wrong way.


Quinn is running against one of the few Republicans he has a chance of beating with 10 percent unemployment, but he has to define his opponent.  But he can’t do that with no money, no campaign, and no media.  Bill Brady has said enough stupid things on a regular basis that I could make the What’s She Thinking? ads look like softball if you gave me some production staff and a few million in tv air time.  Right now though, Quinn only has about 1 month until people check out for the summer and start to pay attention to politics again in late August or September.   Why aren’t we seeing puppy gas chamber web ads at least?


If you recall, Blagojevich went largely dark over the summer because it would have been a waste of money, but the message with no response from Judy stuck and a crook who many of us screamed for a year before his reelection would be going to prison before the end of another term, won by 10 points.  If Quinn had fundraised starting in February he could have put together just such a campaign for April/May against a weak fundraiser in Bill Brady.  Instead, it appears Brady has hired  a competent campaign manager who has his candidate gagged from saying anything too stupid for a while and is probably building a decent fundraising operation.  On top of it, Brady had an okay field operation already.  It was weak upstate, but he can reach his voters better than most of the other candidates which in a close race matters.

Then again, with things like $85,000 canoe czars we may not be talking about a close election. Oh, and the clown at Corrections is still in charge too.  I may have been wrong the other day. It might not be a close race to lose, Pat Quinn may well be the ultimate loser who makes Brady look like an amateur.

A Fucking Canoe Czar?

I can’t tell the difference between Pat Quinn’s actual government actions and an issue of the Onion.

A fucking Canoe Czar? At $85,000? I hate to get all up in arms about small amounts of money when you face the kind of structural deficit Illinois is facing because rearranging the deck chairs doesn’t really matter.

But that is the cost of two state troopers. Two. I’m pretty damn sure the canoeists and kayakers can survive a few years without a czar to coordinate them in the DNR while the state figures out a way to get back to somewhat normal budgeting.

A fucking canoe czar. The guy doesn’t need a campaign manager, he needs a fucking clue manager.

It’s Not A Race To Win

It’s a race to see who can lose the Governorship.  Both candidates have arguments about why the other guy is unelectable and while Brady is up, he’s not far up.  This is the election to see who can screw up the election the worse and the other one wins by default.  Brady has kept his mouth shut lately leading one to assume his campaign manager has him hogtied in the trunk of his car.  He’ll eventually get free so until then, we have a perfect Pat Quinn story from Rich:


This week, Quinn sat down for a meeting with a bunch of union leaders at the Chicago Federation of Labor’s headquarters. After being excoriated by the leaders of Service Employees International Union (which contributed almost $2 million to Quinn’s primary campaign), the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the teachers union, Quinn finally had enough. If you can’t convince your members to vote for me over Brady, he reportedly said, then fine. He rose to make a grand exit, but accidentally walked into the kitchen instead. He was forced to make yet another grand exit through the proper door. It was like a bad movie.


No, it’s not like a bad movie Rich, it’s like a Pat Quinn campaign.  Or a Bill Brady one.  Other than views, they are largely interchangeable at this point.

Tea Partiers Claiming Credit for Stupak

I’m finding rather amusing the Tea Party groups claiming credit for anything that goes right despite the fact they have demonstrated no ability to stop anything or to elect candidates. Today’s version:

You knew this was coming: A tea party group is patting itself on the back for pushing U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak into retirement.

So will Stupak be the first “victim” of the Party of Angry Americans when it comes to the 2010 election cycle?

The Tea Party Express, through political director Bryan Shroyer, on Friday took lots of credit for getting the Michigan Democrat to step aside.

The thing is, there’s no evidence they were actually a threat to Stupak. Republicans have a far better chance winning that seat without Stupak.

Then they took credit for Scott Brown.  You know, the guy who insists the Tea Party wasn’t involved in his election and is pro-choice despite a bunch of right wing blogs not knowing it.

Funny enough, they aren’t taking credit for Proposition A in Saint Louis County.  It was targeted by Tea Party national favorites Bill Hennessey and Dana Loesch who claimed, per standard operating procedures, that the rich powerful people were in cahoots to drain every day people’s wallets to fund mass transit.  They specifically lied claiming Washington University was getting a sweetheart deal by enrolling in a program to provide students and employees with passes even though any business can enroll in the program.

Results:  63 percent for the tax.

In Illinois, there is nothing Mark Kirk could do to stop them from capping his winning total in the GOP primary at 57 percent of the vote.

It’s a powerhouse I’m telling you…

Loud obnoxious people who are willing to interrupt public events, make ludicrous claims about policy, and claim to be powerhouses electorally does not make them so.  They received incredible coverage for a march in DC that was much smaller than a pro-immigration march just a few months later.

We see the same thing with Jack Roeser and Illinois Review.  They make lots of noise, but what do they accomplish?  Nothing.  Roeser hates Bill Brady despite ideological affinity  Who won the Governor’s primary?  Bill Brady.  Though Roeser has found something in common with Jim Edgar–hating Bill Brady.

Illinois Review thinks Mark Kirk is a commie earth-worshiping, baby-killing devil, but he overwhelmingly won the GOP Primary.

So what does the wingnut faction have to continue to justify their treatment as some serious faction?  Lot’s of press releases and a pro-choice GOP Senate candidate who used to have a strong environmental record, doesn’t hate gays, and hates guns.  What are they going to do about it?  Nothing.

Unless you count whining.

Babykillers! And The Tea Party/Illinois Review are Stuck with Him

Mark Kirk hates blastocyst-Americans and the Illinois Review is pissed.


Thursday morning, U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk will hold a press conference at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Medicine Research Building to remind any softening conservative, prolife Republicans that he not only doesn’t agree with their respect for life at embryonic stages, he wants to make taxpayer funding of embryo experimentation permanent.

Indeed, the Republicans’ candidate for U.S. Senate emphasized his support for using embryos in his introductory “Independent” political ad by emphasizing he was one of the few Republicans that opposed President George W. Bush limited experimentation on cell lines to those already existing at the time.  It must be that Kirk fears his call for making taxpayer funding permanent would be rejected by a radically pro-abort Democratic Congress and president.


The thing is–Illinois Review and the Tea Partiers are completely impotent when it comes to defeating Mark Kirk.  Oh, they can whine and they can complain, but they ultimately are going to have to vote for him.  They thought they had a challenger to Kirk in the primary and he completely fizzled out.  Despite the gay bashing, despite the raw power of the tea partiers, they could do nothing to improve on the performance of Jack Roeser when he ran against Jim Edgar.

For all the big claims of the rising conservative wingnuts in Illinois, they have nothing.  The Tea Party and Illinois Review have talked for years how they are rising and how they will ultimately win, but they have shown no ability to do so.  They whine, they complain, they lose and the only competitive Republicans are moderates with the now sole exception of Bill Brady who is running against a guy with the approval ratings of George Ryan.

If Mark Kirk succeeds, their entire argument falls on its face. They have argued the path to true Republican resurgence in Illinois is abandoning the middle of the ideological spectrum and running wingnuts who please the base.  It is only the True Conservative (TM) who can beat the dastardly Democrats.  Yet, they are on the verge of being shown to be completely irrelevant to the GOP calculation in selecting candidates.  If they win with Kirk, it demonstrates the entire argument by the right wing over the last few years is utter nonsense.

What’s funny is how they are lying down while it happens.  Sure, we get criticisms of Kirk like the one above, but there is no serious movement to a third party or independent challenge. They simply seem to be laying down to let Kirk prove how useless they are.

So Your Political Director Runs an Independent Site?

The Chicago Republican Party isn’t very bright.


A phone call and email to Tom Swiss, who Blessing said runs the unofficial site, were not immediately returned.

Blessing said that while the nude photo on “got everybody talking,” in general, Swiss’ site advocates for Republican ideas and criticizes Democrats — without resorting to naked photos.





If it isn’t very viewable, the name is Tom Swiss who is labeled as the Political Director of Chicago Republican Party.  But Chicago GOP is an independent site.  Really. It is.  Seriously.

Pic of the Campaign


Family Values Bitches.


Note, apparently this isn’t the official Chicago GOP Website, this one actually has traffic and a Facebook group with many of the major GOP leaders as members.  Oh, and a Chicago Republican Party staffer is an admin of the Facebook group for the site as well so…tomato-tomato.

Tim McVeigh Wannabes


I imagine he was trying to be funny and sarcastic about concern over potential right wing violence simply because I can’t believe Hannity is that much of an asshole.  Oh, I think he’s an asshole, just not that big of an asshole that he in any way approves of Tim McVeigh.

It’s not funny.  At all. I’ve made mistakes in language before that seemed funny in my head and then weren’t so funny out loud or in writing. All fair enough.  But this isn’t funny at all and he needs to explain what he was trying to say and make it clear he didn’t mean McVeigh is a hero in any way.

April 19th is the anniversary of Waco and Oklahoma City-militia Christmas and Easter rolled into one.  Toning down violent rhetoric even in jest is the responsible thing to do.  We have seen violence from such groups before and dismissing it as a joke is dangerous. Most wingnuts are non-violent, and even most militias are  harmless doofuses who believe in weird conspiracy theories.  Toning down the violent rhetoric does have the effect of making people understand we are not in any crisis–we simply are having political fights.  You can still dislike the ‘Democrat’ Party, the gummint, and that funny Kenyan President, just tone down the violence rhetoric and remind everyone we have perfectly acceptable ways to change the government in the US.  They are called elections.