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I keep forgetting to link to this blog that is a repository for Rosanna Pulido FREEP posts.

There’s a lot of comedy gold in there, but my favorite is her denunciation of American doctors and instead goes to Chinese herbalists who would be doctors in China!

To: Agnes Heep
WHY do they want to do this?? Because the drug companies are losing money!! That’s WHY. Who gives a hoot about our freedoms and your health? Surely not our Government.

Just like they banned L-tryptophan because it is labeled “Natures Prozac” they stood to lose a ton of money if kept legal.
NOW Doctors can prescribe it and they will triple the price.

P.S. Being creative you can still obtain it though!
I do not know where you live but if you go to “China Town” In Chicago, there are probably 101 CHINESE herbalist who are licensed, and are literally Doctors in China! But cannot Practice here because they do not have “American” licenses. They are dirt cheap and most likely will prescibe it for you.

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Generally this kind of anti-science/rationality screed is simply a Darwin Award in the making, but in this case, it’s not even true.  Check out the fourth search result for l-tryptophan

I wonder if she checks those Chinese herbalists for their immigration status or if only Mexicans are a problem for her?

Because God Cannot Love Me This Much

From Rich:

CBS2 asked Republican strategist and Cicero town/township/park district/TIF district spokesperson Dan Proft his opinion about Dart. Maybe they should’ve also asked Proft about the quite weird but oddly persistent and credible reports that Proft wants to run for governor. I just tried calling him, but there was no answer, so I left a message.

Just think about all the material on Proft from the Illinois Leader and Illinois Review.

The Failing Newspaper

While everyone wants to talk about newspapers dying, and certainly there are long term issues they must deal with, the reality is the problems at the Tribune and Sun-Times are not all about losing readership–they are about debt.  In the Sun-Times case, Conrad Black left a $600 million bill with the IRS unpaid.  Otherwise, the Sun-Times does not have crippling debt.

On the other hand, the bankruptcy of the Tribune Company is based largely on Sam Zell’s reign of terror and the debt he took on in acquiring the Tribune.

Again, not to dismiss the challenges papers are facing from a loss of advertising dollars, but the Chicago case shows two papers that would be in reasonable financial condition if their owners had treated the assetts as long term investments and not piggy banks to raid for short term gain.

Project Elwood

or How a man child ruled us for 6 years.

Project Elwood—an apparent reference to a “Blues Brothers” character—was code for secret negotiations between former Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s administration and Tribune Co. for the state to buy Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Two days later, the plan grew far more complicated when Blagojevich was arrested on federal corruption charges. Among the charges were allegations that he was trying to extort Tribune Co.—the owner of Wrigley, the Cubs and the Chicago Tribune—over the state purchase.

And while I would hate to see anything happen to Wrigley Field, the entire motivation of this was Sam Zell wanting to tear it down to build a new stadium. Sam Zell is apparently a ‘financial genius’ who destroys everything he buys and was intent on doing that with the Cubs as well.

Giannoulias to Reject Corporate PACs and Federal Lobbyist Donations

Georgia10 over at Kos has the scoop.

The election of Barack Obama signaled that [the] age of skewed policies is coming to an end. The change Americans voted for in the 2008 election was a call to take back our government from those few, narrow interests that dominated Washington for far too long.

Today, in that spirit, I am taking a step that no major Illinois candidate from either party has ever taken in a run for the U.S. Senate. It is a decision that advances us one step closer to that change that we all fought for and believed in last November. I will simply say “NO” to contributions from all federal lobbyists and corporate PACs.

These special interests do not represent the interests of most Americans, and they should not be allowed to buy a seat at the table when it comes to deciding critical issues or determining the direction of our nation, especially in the midst of our current financial crisis.

While campaign finance reform in Illinois is precarious, this is an important standard to set for the upcoming race–and something that his potential challengers cannot agree to and hope to remain competitive.  This also means that Giannoulias will need more grassroots fundraising which means the grassroots can then hold him accountable.  Excellent news all around.

So, let’s start with the first let’s go help out post of the cycle.

A Minor Audit of the Auditor General’s Web Site

While I think Holland does a great job and one of the reasons he’s so trusted is that he’s not a grandstander, his office could make their work more accessible with a just a few changes.

First, add RSS feeds for new audits releases.  Second, offer an e-mail alert for new audits.  Virtually every time I go to the web site I find something fascinating–not always surprising, but fascinating.  Creating those minor technical features would allow Illinois citizens easier access to one of the best good government tools in Illinois. I think both methods would also be consistent with the professionalism cultivated by Holland.  Instead of grandstanding and sending out press releases or having press conferences, both methods are simple opt-in methods for interested citizens.

And the Damage Assessment Continues

Bill Holland, probably the most unsung hero of the Blago years, releases another audit documenting the absolute incompetent of Rod Blagojevich.

According to a lengthy report issued Thursday by Auditor General William Holland, the number of backlogged cases at the state police labs ballooned during Blagojevich’s tenure in office.

Yet, the audit found the state either didn’t spend or transferred millions of dollars out of the agency that could have been used to hire additional scientists to process DNA and other crime scene evidence.

As a result of Blagojevich’s management decisions, the number of scientists working at the labs declined by 3 percent at the same time the backlog of cases was mushrooming.

“Failure to maintain necessary staffing levels results in cases remaining unsolved and serial criminals could remain free to commit additional crimes,” the audit noted.

In all, there are nine labs across the state processing crime scene evidence. The division offers all police entities in Illinois crime scene services, including polygraph and facial reconstruction.

The audit found that the backlog of evidence has grown by 203 percent at a time when the total number of cases only grew by 10 percent.

Full report here.

But he didn’t raise your income taxes.

For extra fun check out the Governor’s State compliance exam. While U of I is audited and some financial controls were lacking, Governor’s State is essentially not keeping track of federal funds for students.  Ultimately, Governor’s State could face loss of federal funds for enough of those violations.   Thanks Emil.

Reality Show For Rod?

In any normal world Sneed would be making this up:

Rod’s reality . . .

Yipes! Is embattled former governor Rod Blagojevich eyeing his own reality TV show?

•    •    To wit: “I’m told a reality show is being discussed by his inner circle,” said a source familiar with Blago’s inner circle.

Ya gotta be kidding.

•    •    Hmmm. Would the show be patterned after “The Osbournes,” where rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family were trailed by cameras?

•    •    Hmmm: Or could it be a spin on the hit TV show “Survivor,” detailing Blago’s struggles to climb out of the fed net?

•    •    The flip side: “We are focusing on all kinds of things,” said Blago’s publicist Glenn Selig, who flew into town to accompany Blago to his WLS radio gig Wednesday morning. “But there is nothing beyond talk. Not even a reality show.”

•    •    The book side: “He [Blago] is focusing on his book, despite the fact he joked he’s only on Page 3.”

MSNBC already has an appropriate reality show called Lock Up.

Unfortunately federal courtrooms still don’t allow cameras so much of his life for the next year or so would be off limits.

The Illinois Circular Firing Squad TeamWill Not Be Outdone


As predicted, Cornyn’s litmus test bit didn’t go over well with the purity of essence crowd:

Then, quite to my surprise, this past Monday, March 23, 2009 Senator Cornyn of Texas was heard heralding the very same thing—“no litmus test”. And to whom is he speaking of to the Main Stream Media—none other than Congressman Mark Kirk. Cornyn goes on to say  “we need a moderate to win in a democrat-leaning State”.

I have a few problems with this “litmus test” rhetoric. First of all, the pro-life plank is part of the National GOP platform as well as the Illinois state GOP platform. Pro-family planks are also a part of the GOP platform, at both the federal and state level. Mark Kirk does not reflect the State party or the National party platform on either of these issues.

Secondly, the fact that party leadership would suggest there be no “litmus test” from one side of the mouth; and then from the other purport a seemingly self-serving statement that only a moderate can win, is in essence a “litmus test”. In other words, according to Senator Cornyn (and others) any viable candidate from Illinois need only apply if he/she is a social-moderate. Is this not a litmus test? But of course it’s your litmus test; and without question, it’s OK.

The answer–run to the right!  Median voter theorem be damned.

The Democrats have offered up a fairly good situation even in a reliably blue state like Illinois with Blagojevich, Burris, and a state budget crisis. Yet again though, the IL GOP shows why they are the Washington Generals of Illinois.

But the Democrats aren’t content to let their good fortune go without making a little good fortune on top of it and the effort by social conservatives to mandate the election of State Committeemen gets some help in the form of Lou Lang.

“I’m trying to give the Republican Party what it has insisted for the last six or eight weeks it wants: open and transparent elections,” said Rep. Lou Lang, a Skokie Democrat who pushed for the change.

On the merits, the Republicans are correct–the state shouldn’t be able to tell a private political party how to operate.  However, it sure is fun watching. The funnest bit yet was Chris Lauzen:


I’ve often had fun at Lauzen’s expense and I probably will again, but that’s not really so much the point about the above.  The two sides of the ICFST dispute hate each other.  Lauzen makes very clear what he is doing is to fight internal Republican corruption and just called the other side corrupt and a self-interested.  Although, Lauzen does it in a very polite tone.   What is funny is that either side thinks they can put together a 50% + 1 coalition with this kind if hatred.

Daily Dolt: Roskam


Rep. Pete Roskam (R-IL) paid tribute to the NRCC, which he credited with helping him beat Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat and Iraq war veteran who lost both her legs in combat. He recounted how the media loved to tell Duckworth’s personal story. “Even Al Jazeera came in and covered the candidate debate,” he said. “I’m not making it up.”

But he said “a funny thing happened.” “The good guys have come over the hilltop for me,” he added. “You know who came in and rescued me? You did.”

There are so many other ways to frame that story.

Things I’ve Been Too Busy For


In a report accompanying Mrs. Skoien’s arrest earlier this month, police say Mr. Skoien, the Palatine Township Republican committeeman, claimed his wife beat him with the toy guitar after finding him in their children’s playroom with two prostitutes. Gary Skoien denies he was with two prostitutes when police say his wife attacked him at 1:15 a.m. March 8. Skoien has called the report “absolutely wrong” and said the women were friends.

“No money was exchanged. Nobody was naked,” Skoien, 55, previously told the Daily Herald. “I’m a politician. You think I’d call police if I weren’t afraid for my life?”

No money was exchanged. Nobody was naked.

Afraid for his life because his wife hit him with a toy guitar?

She’s 5’4″ 100 pounds according to Mary Mitchell.

Separated or not, taking two women, prostitutes or not, to you kids playroom and getting hit with a toy guitar is pretty much the best thing that could have happened to Skoien.

What’s most uncredible about the story is that Gary Skoien convinced two women to go home with him at the same time and didn’t pay them.