You Don’t Say

Petey is going to inform everyone of where public sex is happening:

Men are having perverted ’sex’ with other men all over America–in parks, public restrooms (at places like department stores) and highway rest stops–i.e., in your community “backyard.” There is a well-organized Internet networks that guides men on where to engage in their anonymous, sodomitic acts. Many of these men are not publicly “gay,” or do not identify as homosexual, so they put their unkowing wives or girlfriends in danger of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases.

We’ll tell you where these homosexual “public sex” spots are in your state, and what you can do about it.

And so, Petey is creating another network that guides men on where to engage in their anonymous, sodomitic acts.

Several experts wondered what moderates Hadley was referring to

We are ruled by idiots.

There are two choices at this point. One is to decide to take down the ruling coalition by force in Iraq. That means when Maliki tells us to not attack al-Sadr we ignore him and create a huge firestorm of violence that we fight for several years as Shiites join with Sunnis in attacking our forces on a regular basis. It’s unclear that would lead to any more of a victory than getting out now would.

The other is to get out.

Other options are pretty much tantamount to standing around with bulleyes on American soldiers’ backs.

All Your Favorite Right Wing Religious Nuts in One Place

Hating on Obama’s participation in Rick Warren’s conference on how to reduce AIDS in Africa.

The problem with Obama’s participation in the conference. He’s a baby killer and so no one should work on a common area of interest.

Like saving lives.

It’s official, none of the signatories ever get to claim to be pro-life again.

Some of the favorites on the Illinois circuit of wingnuts are on the list including Schlafly, Petey, and Kevin McCulloch.

I wonder if we’ll be seeing such criticism of Sam Brownback since both Obama and Brownback have worked on ending the genocide in Darfur.

I Understand Why Obama Is Calling for Phased Withdrawal

But in practice it’s pointless. Everything about strategy he is saying is correct and he certainly had better judgment about this war at the beginning than I did, but Atrios makes a point on what pushing for a gradual withdrawal does:

The basic content of what Obama is saying, divorced from the larger debate, is fine, but as to how it plays in the current debate it’s not fine. It allows us to wait around one more Friedman… and then something will happen. Except it won’t happen. Troops will not start coming home 4-6 months from now. And, most likely, 4-6 months from now Obama won’t be saying “bring them home now,” though I’ve put him on my little calendar and will make sure to check back then and let you know.

The thing is that “bring them home now” doesn’t really mean now. It doesn’t mean that thousands of troops start boarding transport planes for the trip home. It just means that the focus shifts from staying to leaving, and the latter slowly begins to happen. Every time someone punts that action for yet another Friedman, it helps to ensure that the end of the war will always be a Friedman away.

The reality is that the President is trying to run out the clock and he’s going to use Gates, The Baker group, and Democrats playing by the civil rules of discussion to draw out our involvement in Iraq.

Obama is stuck in the final trap that Bush has created where calling for an immediate withdrawal is seen as irresponsible, but he keeps everyone talking about changing things in 6 months. Six months later, repeat.

If Obama were President, the plan would be fine. If Chuck Hagel were President, it would be fine. If so and so were President it would be fine. They aren’t. George Bush is and he’s convinced that he’s Hal Jordan and he can will a win–all he needs is time. Time has to not be an option for him anymore and why I respect the thought the Senator has put into this, it only plays into the Administration getting another six months to talk about some new thing that’s not new.

One year ago Obama said the same thing, but with a little less urgency. That we would be here right now and seeing Iraq deteriorating is exactly what I expected-it’s one of the reasons I predicted a Democratic wave in the summer of 2005–even before Katrina. The way this administration works, we’ll have Obama saying with even more urgency in 2007 that we need to start a draw down of troops.

And People Say Leo, Fritchey and I are Full of Hate

Kevin McCulloch comments on Rick Warren having Obama speak at his church:

Why would Warren marry the moral equivalency of his pulpit – a sacred place of honor in evangelical tradition – to the inhumane, sick, and sinister evil that Obama has worked for as a legislator?

It’s a hoot.

Generally, the unhinged right is having a field day. I’ll drop a few more in for fun (and no that doesn’t mean all conservatives–it means the unhinged who write this kind of tripe.

Rick Warren isn’t my kind of preacher, but he’s honest–he opens his books up for everyone and keeps only a very small portion of his income, he talks and acts on serious issues like Darfur and AIDS in Africa and he’s willing to dialogue with people who strongly disagee with him on issues. I may not go to his church, but I certainly can respect the man.

In Case You Haven’t Seen the UCLA Tape

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The police tasered the student after he went limp.

Yeah. Non-lethal force is used when there is a threat. This is as stupid as when the police used pepper spray on non-violent protesters in Richard Pombo’s office. There is some indication the problem started when the random check of IDs was random to only the Iranian looking guy. That part needs to be figured out by an investigation.

However, that the police claim force was used when the student went limp is a major violation of police practices. In such cases you pick up the kid and put him in a cruiser–you don’t beat him, spray him with pepper spray, hit him with eletrical jolts.

Also, when other students came to his defense, they threatened to taser the objecting students.

Worse yet, Josh Marshall reports that UCLA only investigated after alum reports and the officers are not on administrative duty or leave.

“Stand up or you’ll get tased again” Then they tase him. They then scream at him to stand up again and tase him again. Finally the students move in to try and stop it and the police threaten to tase them after the intitial student has left and the students are attempting to gain information to report the incident.

UCLA is going to face the mother of all lawsuits on this one and the individual officers will almost certainly face criminal charges with significant prison time.

In college I saw more than a few incidents of students getting out of control—and none of them involved a student begging security to stop and going limp. I remember one particular jackass who beat his girlfriend and then after being sat on by 3 300 pound+ security guys screaming that he was going to kick their asses for 30 minutes while flailing.

I knew security so I walked up and chatted with the fourth guard standing up calling for the police for a minute and the entire attitude was completely different. It was one of annoyance, but indifference. They controlled the situation and didn’t particularly care for the kid on bottom–it wasn’t the first incident, though it was the last—but they weren’t wanting to beat him up. They were stopping him from violence against another. And even then they didn’t lose their temper and try and hurt the kid, they simply restrained him. It’s not terribly difficult to restrain someone going limp.

These guys weren’t police, they were security guards and they had pepper spray that they never even contemplated using under the circumstances because they were trained to deal with the situation, not make it worse.

Hey Trib, Another Failure in Bipartisanship

It’s all the Democrats fault that George Bush went out and found the biggest friggen wingnut doctor he could find and is appointing the doctor to oversee Title X programs dealing with family planning.

I’m sure whether the Democrats approve the nomination is a test of that bipartisanship they promised because, you know, all of those Republicans who are virgins when the get married and don’t use contraception.

Keroack has a crackpot theory about the oxytocin vicious cycle that leads to meaningless sex and stuff.

The President just nominated a whack job to be the head of a government agency. It’s not the first and it won’t be the last, but apparently it’s not a big deal.

More from Feministing.

To make it clear, this is like appointing Jack Chick head of The National Science Foundation.

In the Brightest Day, In the Blackest Night….

Green Lantern Theory Espoused in Vietnam

“We’ll succeed,” Bush added, “unless we quit.”

Even more fun:

“You’ve got to remember, whatever the Democrats say, it’s Bush still calling the shots. He believes it’s a matter of political will. That’s what [Henry] Kissinger told him. And he’s going to stick with it,” a former senior administration official said. “He [Bush] is in a state of denial about Iraq. Nobody else is any more. But he is. But he knows he’s got less than a year, maybe six months, to make it work. If it fails, I expect the withdrawal process to begin next fall.”

I can’t wait to see Hitchens and Reynolds try and argue that Bush is on the right track. According to Hitchens, Bush is taking advice from a war criminal–and Hitchens is right.

According to Reynolds, it was all about democracy and the old realists like Kissinger are evil.

For those developing elaborate plans to salvage Iraq and appear “serious” here’s the problem. The President is convinced that by staying we are accomplishing something other than getting young men and women killed and maimed.

Bush sees this as a simple problem. It should be readily apparent that it is not. To him, staying is a plan and so giving lip service to the notion that he’s moving towards some sort of solution gives him time to, well, stay. He’s not listening to intellectuals or pundits or like anyone who knows anything about the Middle East. He doesn’t have to because in his mind, will is everything.

To get him to change that isn’t about presenting him some great plan for the future, it’s forcing him to get out. Sitting around and trying to be serious about how to responsibly get out of Iraq misses the entire point that the entire misadventure has been enabled by such thinking–including mine early on. It’s not serious to deny the reality of this administration–the reality that Bush and his administration is both deluded and obsessed with winning in Iraq. He’s not looking for a reasonable way out–he’s looking to stay one way or another. Giving him an excuse to stay, only allows this disaster to continue.

There are no good options left in Iraq. There is only tragedy. As Kevin Drum pointed out

Would this be an appalling strategy to follow? Of course it would. Appalling options are all that’s left to us in Iraq.

More to the point: is it worse than the other options at our disposal? Or, alternatively, is it slightly less bad? I’d guess the former: There’s not much question that Shiite forces are eventually going to wipe out the Sunni insurgency, but it’s probably slightly better for them to do it on their own instead of doing it with our active help, something that would alienate every Sunni in the Middle East. And don’t think that we might be able to keep this a secret. Even if our support for this strategy were never publicly acknowledged, there’s not much question that everyone in the region would understand perfectly well what was going on.

Such is the moral calculus we’re left with in Iraq. It’s not a battle between good and bad, it’s a battle between bad and worse.

For those who think that leaving the Sunnis to the mercy of the Shias is some sort of appalling action, you should have thought that out before John Negroponte appeared there. There’s a strange correlation between his presence in a region and death squads bent on killing the opposition. When George Bush decided to follow the advice of the people who turned Central America into multiple killing fields, he decided genocide was the way to solve this problem. He didn’t realize that of course, but he hasn’t realized what an idiotic mistake he has made by invading Iraq at all.

We didn’t stop him then. It’s too late now. It’s a matter of whether American troops are in the middle of that genocide helping it or just getting the hell out.