Stu Who?


Raised: $67,090.00
Spent: $26,305.89
In-Kind: $40,720.86 22,500 from the Party, $3000 from Charlie Trotter–say it isn’t so Charlie
On Hand: $44,301.82

All the Best to the Hynes

This one is a bit personal since my wife had twins and we had a couple scares that turned out to be nothing. I’m sure they are having a difficult time–at a time they need to have as little stress as possible. Best of luck to Hynes and the two little ones on the way.

Jennifer made it to 36 weeks which is considered full term for twins with hypertension. The girls were hovering just under 5 pounds and were very, very healthy, but that should give you some idea of the dangers at this point in the pregnancy. While it’s a little unclear when the due date is exactly, if she can make it towards the end of September that will probably be 36 weeks–right when the girls were born.


Just stop. Find a union grocery store or whatever you are buying there. Since January 1, 2005.

Champaign County Democratic Central Comm
Citizens for Deborah Sims
17th District State Central Comm
Citizens To Elect Anthony Beale
Citizens for Selinger
Citizens for Carrie M Austin
Citizens for Eddie Jackson
Annual Roosevelt Cocktail Party Comm
Friends of Mike Jacobs
Citizens For Edward Acevedo
Friends of Sharyn Elman
Friends for Monique Davis
Friends of Martin A Sandoval (Ahem–Dan?)

And Walmart too
Citizens for Selinger
Committee for Frank J Mautino
Citizens for Granberg
Citizens for Deborah L Graham
Citizens for Deborah Sims
The Committee to Elect Sheldon Sobol Grundy County State’s Attorney
23rd Ward Regular Democratic Organization
Citizens for Redpath
Glasgow for Will County
Edwardsville Twp Democratic Precinct Committeemen
Pike County Democratic Central Comm
Mike Grchan for Sheriff Campaign Comm
Citizens for Mangieri
Citizens for Lance Peterson
Michael A Miller Candidate for Shelby County
Friends of Linda Chapa LaVia
Committee to Re-Elect Chuck Jefferson
Friends of Kathy Ryg
Citizens For Colvin
Citizens for Kinkelaar


Due to several factors–getting life back to normal last week
Missouri Primary one week from tomorrow
Watching the Trading Deadline pass for Fantasy Baseball
Watching the fundraising reports coming in

More later, lots this week as I catch up. A bunch of Congressional updates in the pipeline. For fun, check out Blog Saint Louis for the Missouri stuff this week.

Friggen Artie

A Scene from Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?

Funny thing about the staff:

Artie Harris–the guy suggesting Phyllis call donors is now working for the Maryland Dems working Steele over.

Clay Haynes, the thinner guy in the white shirt is field director for Harold Ford.

Josh Levin in the blue shirt–is the master of all campaigns Illinois.

It’s safe to say Artie and Clay will probably never work in Missouri again (not that it’s something to aspire to) after this scene.

Heading to Springfield for the Night


A second storm packing high winds and rain blew out power to another 200,000 customers as it roared through the metro area late this morning.

The National Weather Service said more such storms are possible through the afternoon.

Before the new storm struck, said an AmerenUE spokeswoman, repair crews had restored service to about 270,000 of the 590,000 customers who had been without power since Wednesday’s storm. Early reports indicated the worst damage and most outages from today’s new storm were roughly from St. Charles County, eastward through north St. Louis County and into the Metro East.

The weather service said the new storms brought winds of 50 mph, with some gusts as high was 70 mph — almost as wild as the 80 mph winds that shattered trees and ripped down power lines throughout the heart of the metro area Wednesday evening.

Things Most Never Have to Say

“Yes, I have purchased numerous gay magazine subscriptions and books over the years as part of my efforts to research the movement–just like some gay researchers peruse the writings of the Family Research Council or Dr. James Dobson. (Should we accuse “Ex-Gay Watch” of secretly supporting Christian conservatives because they spend a lot of time and energy researching them?)”

==Petey Labarbera.

Yes, and many men claim to read Playboy for the articles. What’s odd about Petey’s protestations is that you’d think he’d learn that this sort of thing only keeps the joke going. I’m also pretty sure that if straight men could pick up women in a bathhouse, there’d be a hell of a lot of bathhouses.

Fun context at Wayne Besen’s in a couple places.

Here’s the full text:

Subject: FOR RAY DELGADO…Ray, before you reported that I “earned” Wayne’s nasty nickname…

… (“Porno Pete”), why didn’t you contact me first? Or do you always run with the most vicious smears just because a prominent gay activist uses them? Usually I get fair treatment in the gay press; not this time.

Yes, I once researched gay events, and still do occasionally, by attending them to get firsthand info. I sometimes went undercover so as not to get kicked out by “tolerant” gay activists (what are they trying to hide?), but other times I went openly, such as at the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Ass’n, where I once spoke at a panel debate opposite gay journalists dealing with whether the media has a pro-gay bias.

No, I do not “collect” porn–never have–and I am not interested in or enjoy gay pornography. Frankly, it’s pretty sick stuff, in my view. And no, I am not a homosexual nor did I ever struggle with those desires. (Isn’t it funny how gay activists accuse their opponents of being homosexual as if that’s the biggest slur they can come up with?)

Wayne Besen relied on the false testimony of a former “ex-gay,” Wade Richards, who worked a while for Americans for Truth before we (foolishly) urged him to speak at a press conference. Besen attended the event and apparently helped to recruit young Wade back into the gay life. Wade knew full well that my interests were as a critical researcher, but he wanted to strike back at me, so he accused me of collecting gay “porn.”

Yes, I have purchased numerous gay magazine subscriptions and books over the years as part of my efforts to research the movement–just like some gay researchers peruse the writings of the Family Research Council or Dr. James Dobson. (Should we accuse “Ex-Gay Watch” of secretly supporting Christian conservatives because they spend a lot of time and energy researching them?)

But, no, I don’t “collect” gay porn. Wade lied to smear me, and Wayne never bothered to check his new recruit’s “facts” because that would have gotten in the way of him slamming a right-winger, I suppose.

The fact is, porn is a prominent part of the gay male world, and some magazines I collected had pornographic content (surprise!). (Most were simply gay publications like the Washington Blade.) On my side of the issue, we think porn use/addiction is a big problem; hopefully some gays will agree with us, but regardless, the endless effort to portray ME as a gay perv because I try to expose the wrongs of your movement makes about as much sense as saying GLAAD supports the Federal Marriage Amendment because they write about it a lot.

I’ll cc this to Wayne Besen for publication (full letter only, Wayne), but I’m quite sure it won’t deter him from spreading lies about me in his crusade to nail the “religious right.”

Best–Peter LaBarbera

It’s all research you see.

For extra fun, Daniel Gonzalez at Ex-Gay Watch has made a mock-up membership card for Petey at SteamWorks.