Scott IL-06

Raised: $49770.59 Total: $71280.17
Spent: $17723.03 Total: $22246.61
Loan (from candidate): $30000.00

COH: $79033.56

He’s playing for the short game. The key will be can he continue to raise through the rest of the primary. He’s in a position to have enough for most of what he needs as long as he’s willing to spend that loan.

Weller IL-11

Raised: $236542.68 Total: $904362.23
Spent: $74135.85 Total: $473136.58
COH: $692081.25

$5,000 from the Rely on Your Belief PAC–Roy Blunt’s PAC that is heavily tied into the TRMPAC’s efforts to funnel money to Texas.

Who is Jerry voting for? It came in on 12/30/2005.

Lots of shipping and oil money. I’m sure if you look hard enough there is more fun there.

Johnson IL-15

Not exactly exerting himself here

Raised: $34732.30 Total: $130913.75
Spent: $30161.99 Total: $120549.45
COH: $80022.37

Loan: $69274.88

That’s a secured loan to a bank so he will want to pay it back eventually so Johnson is very slow in fundraising. A decent effort of calls to PACs and you can knock out $70,000 as a sitting Member of Congress.

Gill IL-15

Raised: $24728.33 Total: $56780.79
Spent: $11462.31 Total: $22751.96
COH: $37735.93

Doing a bit better, but not going to get any attention with that level. Hopefully he can pick it up a bit. I don’t expect a win, but it be nice to take some chinks out of Johnson.

Lipinski IL-03

Raised $82800.00 Total $184600.00
Spent $28345.07 Total $103459.56

On Hand $177811.57

I’m sure there’s some to dig out of it, but notable on the list was a small in-kind of labor from Speaker Madigan, Labor and Chicago Business PACs, and one donation from a notorious polluter, a Holcim manager.

Cegelis Interview

It is coming–I forgot to mention–a bit of a cold and a small car accident last week took up a bit too much time, but I’ll have it up in the next couple days.

Also, Lindy Scott has agreed to do an interview so I’ll have all three candidates which makes me very happy.

Finally, John Sullivan running in the 3rd has also agreed, and I’ll try and schedule that very soon.