UM-Saint Louis to Admit Displaced Students

From the Univerity

We want to alert you that from now through September 16 we will admit and enroll qualified students who have been displaced by colleges that have closed as a result of Hurricane Katrina. UMSL will waive its application and late registration fees, work to place students in classes that will transfer to their home college and possibly provide some scholarship aid to students in need. Students should call admissions at 516-5451 for more information. Most of the students are undergraduates from universities like Tulane, Loyola, and other universities in Louisiana and Mississippi who are from this area. There are also a few graduate students. Some may come here for a semester or two, but others may want to fully transfer here and graduate from UMSL. Some of this depends on what happens in Louisiana and Mississippi, of course.

No Blogging for A While

I’m stunned by the news in New Orleans and frankly, I think what I’ve heard on the national news is downplaying the tragedy not understanding the sheer enormity of what is happening. This isn’t a storm story with anecdotal stories of bad things happening, but an unfolding disaster still in New Orleans. Either tonight or tomorrow I’ll be back to local news–which has several fascinating stories going on….

As for the looting fetish on the tv news–given the city is continuing to be submerged, who the hell cares? A city in a developed nation is being wiped out. Wiped out.

If you want to worry about violence, think about the problems in refugee camps and temporary housing for all of these people for the next 3-4 months the Mayor of New Orleans has suggested is the period before people can come back (and that doesn’t include rebuilding housing).

It’s Getting Worse

I swore I wouldn’t post on this, but just minutes ago, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (who is doing an amazing job) announced that the 17th Street Levee that breached earlier in the day was unable to be plugged and the water in the area around it will now rise rapidly again 9 feet or 3 feet above ground water–the vast majority of the city is below sea level and only very few areas are above 4 feet of sea level.

There is very little you can do, but what you can do, is found in one place.

It seems likely that there are still thousands left in the city.

3 Years of Blogging

ArchPundit and Blog Saint Louis were 3 years old on the 26th….

Thanks to all of my readers.

Slow for the early part of the day, but I have several posts on the way

1) Daley and Patronage
2) Why Edgar May Take a Pass
3) The flipside of The Governor’s issues
4) Summary of Missouri-Iowa-Illinois Big Congressional Races
And more…

Whole Lotta Discussion About Claire, Local Consultants and Tod Martin

Over at Kos.

I’m not sure that was a DC pundit, but the larger point in an important one about how to run large races. The argument is fleshed out for better and worse in the comments. I’ll leave you to read mine for my points.

And, of course, Congrats to Tod and Claire–It’s a very good hire. I don’t know his position yet, but I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

Dipnuts is Going to Protest Sweden on Labor Day

Fred Phelps further demonstrates his worldliness by claiming he’s going to picket the King of Sweden in Stockholm on Labor Day (link offensive). Of course, in Sweden that’d just be September 5 because they celebrate May Day.

Now those who have followed Dipnuts and family know he can’t afford to get to Stockholm so this is bogus, but if you are going to claim you are going to do it, have some clue about the stated nation’s holidays.

Dirtbag also shows us his pictures from the protests in East Peoria and Zion.

Sleep Apnea

If you are like me, you didn’t know much about sleep apnea or realize how many people have it. Something like a quarter of men 38 and older suffer from a condition that leads to temporarily stopping their breathing during sleep. In my case it’s obstructive sleep apnea which means part of the tissue in my throat blocks my breathing. All of this adds up to very little REM sleep and thus very little rest regardless of the hours of sleep and in the long run can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems amongst other problems.

Last week I had a sleep study–a rather strange process where they pretty much turn you into Picard when he’s turned into a Borg. I had 24 different sensors on my body and then was told to sleep. Not long into that they added a mask that pushed air through my nose thus keeping the tissue from collapsing.
Even with the Borglike wiring, I still had a better sleep than normal and was ‘lucky’ enough to take my own machine home that day. cough, cough.

On a more serious note, the breathing contraption has made me far more awake and alert after just a few days and I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. I need to return to regular workouts–workouts I was too tired for before–and get my weight down which will help with the sleep apnea, but I’m likely a candidate for some sort of treatment for good given I was a pretty loud snorer well before the relatively recent weight gains.

While I don’t usually go into this kind of thing–if you do feel tired a lot of the time or have a spouse who can’t stand your snoring, look into doing a sleep study. It’s made me much happier in a relatively short time.

In no time, I’ll be complaining about the mask. (And thanks for the advice Cal).

One thing that was remarkable is the number of people I’ve learned who have the condition already.

All that said, a return to normal posting is imminent.

Best Speech

Uberweis. He can actually speak, and well, he should after all the campaigns he’s lost. The one bit that was bizarre was when he called for Kjellander to step down and tried to make it a personal plea by half turning around to Kjellander. The only problem was Kjellander was the other way and Uberweis couldn’t even get away from the script long enough to do more than fling his arm behind him and look like he was about to get whacked.

And Curry, get Birkett to smile on stage sometime. He just comes off as dour. If he has that great sense of humor, get him to show it before the campaign is over.

Birkett and Rauschenberger gave generally good speeches, though there’s something about the beard and Steve’s voice that is incongruous–you expect a deep baritone and you get a slightly nasal Chicago accent out of him.

Brady–I now remember why I couldnt’ stand him when he first ran for state rep. Sanctimonious twit.

Judy was decent and gave actually one of the better fair type speeches.

Roskam’s speech–I hated it, but it’s exactly what he should be giving. It’s the type of speech that passes for what is a sermon at many churches today and it works fairly well with general audiences. I just hate it–it’s a personal thing. He also said “I submit to you” too many times, but overall that kind of speech and demeanor is the kind of thing he needs to do to reduce the effectiveness of those who’ll be calling him a right wing zealot during the campaign. His demeanor is very moderate even if his politics aren’t.

The Unbearable Whiteness Of Being

Wow, just watched the Republican rally on Illinois Channel here on cable and nice backdrop to the speakers for the Republicans.

Tom Cross looking like he’s at a State Fair and appropriately dressed and suave looking in some shorts, a bunch of old white guys who could lose some weight and Bob Kjellander’s pouch right there for the viewing audience. Other than Ray Lahood I needed some sunglasses to keep the glare down.