First Time Here?

Well, I’m about to take the Holiday weekend off. I have two twin daughters that are far more fun than this (and for the first time I get to brag about them–see here)

But for those visiting for the first time, ArchPundit is a site devoted to Illinois and National Politics. I’m a partisan Democrat and a grad student working on his PhD in Political Science. Beyond that, do a google search–when I mentioned this previously some wanted me to remain pseudonymous because they enjoy me just being the writing on the page.

For the most part, that will continue. From time to time I may comment more particularly on issues I have expertise than I have in the past, but there won’t be many changes for veteran readers.

There are two related sites. The first is Blog Saint Louis which focuses on St. Louis and Missouri politics and urban educational issues, a particular passion of mine.

The second is a site for the Illinois Senate Race that is not being updated right now. It will be with the creation of a new family of sites at Typepad.

I also write for The Political State Report on Illinois politics. I’ve been a bit lax there lately, but I plan on adding more there in the near future. I’ll be adding commentary to the coming Jeff Smith for Congress Blog very soon as well. Jeff is a good friend and I urge those of you in the 3rd District to learn a bit more about him. Since I know some other campaigns check in here, I have no intention of bashing other candidates and quite like the field–though I reserve the right to make fun of Russ if he puts up anymore pics like the last one I pointed out.

I also have two other features and perhaps a personal blog about to come on line as well. Both are more humor related. One is just displaying the words I receive every day from a particular public official, and the other is an inside joke. Take a look around and come back if you enjoy.

I always appreciate tips so pass them on to Be sure to clarify whether you want to remain anonymous and whether I can use the e-mail verbatim. I respect privacy absolutely.

Some of the more popular posts over the last year include:

Rochell Moore extending a Biblical Curse to me

Earl Holt’s letter taking issue with my labeling of him as a White Supremacist

The post he objected to which was also linked from Joe Conason’s column in Salon

And for those who read the story in the RFT on the SLPS, I posted Bill Haas’ letter to Bill Roberti that suggested Roberti and Marsal were having an affair right after receiving it.

I also seem to have hit on some manueverings by Pat Quinn to jump in the Illinois Senate Race. What is still unclear is why he was using Mike Kelleher as bait.

A general article on Saint Louis Public School reform. This article spurred the Biblical Curse being extended to me.

On a More Serious Note

Why does Earl Holt even matter? Isn’t he just a marginalized moron who has been driven from the public eye?

That is true to an extent. However, Holt is part of that nasty side of politics that has hidden behind code words and obscured their true feelings. The first hint should be anyone who would associate with the modern version of the White Citizen’s Councils–now the Council of Conservative Citizens.

There are legitimate debates over policies that affect race and we should have frank discussions about race and related issues. But Cobb points out an issue in race relations that whites usually don’t grasp (being white I have my blindspots as well,

I’m going to indulge a little and poke whitefolks in the eye for a minute. But I’ll be more specific and poke whitefolks from St. Louis who voted during the 80s. Every once in a while blackfolks get accused of being paranoid about race. But then somebody like say, Mark Fuhrman, gets outed and blackfolks say, where the hell were all you good whitefolks whan this person got power?

There are reasons for African-Americans to be paranoid and recognizing that is vital to a serious discussion. Are African-Americans overly paranoid? I’m sure sometimes they are, but when people don’t listen it adds to the paranoia. So the next time race comes up in an integrated place take the time to listen to the concerns. Listen hard. White folks simply don’t face the daily insults that many African-Americans do. And being angry about those insults or Earl Holt isn’t an invitation to bring up Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to try and create moral equivalency. It’s an invitation to listen to a friend or potential friend.

When people race bait, don’t use the excuse that some African-American did it so it is okay. Take race baiters to task. Force them to face consequences instead of making excuses that others do it.

Holt is out of public life besides his rantings on WGNU and the CofCC web site, but many have supported him and his allies in the past. Perhaps they were allies because they did not think Holt was that bad. If that is the case, they shouldn’t have a hard time disowning him and the Council of Conservative Citizens. Make them do it.

The Right at Night Transcript–A Spade is Indeed a Spade

When Earl first e-mailed me, several asked whether it was for real, so I confirmed it on Earl’s radio show. Below is the transcript with Don being me (I used a different name):

Earl: Don, welcome,

Don: Hey, what are all of these liars doing talking about you on the internet? I don’t get it.

Earl:Oh, they, well, What can you do?

Don:What, what did the guy say about you?

Earl: Oh he’s uhh…Oh, well, it’s a long story. But Earl got kind of liquored up the other night. A friend found, put my name in a search engine and found a website that was ripping us for our efforts to try to reform the Saint Louis Public Schools. And I think I had just about had enough of that. So I wrote him a real poignant e-mail and I probably used the n-word about maybe twenty times to many times. Anyway, uh, they (hassled) me since. That doesn’t bother me. I don’t care, I’m used to that stuff. I, you know, on hang up calls, that kind of stuff doesn’t matter. (Unintelligible keeps deleting it. just Ladue)

Don: What what, what what are they saying about you, I don’t get it.

Earl: Well, It’s just that I used all this bad language and, I, and I said some very unflattering things to them, what I thought about them. And, uh, I was stupid enough to, uh, put my home telephone number on there too. and uh

Don: Ohhhh

Earl: And I, uh dared them to print, to, to put the letter on the web page which they apparently have. So, (nervous laughter)I have quite a following now.

Don: All right

Earl: Yeah, well anyway. I didn’t pull any punches, baby. I guess you could say I called a Spade a Spade.

Second guy: Don’t call him (something) Earl for nothing

Don: All right, I was just curious.

Earl: All right, thanks Don, I appreciate it.

Integration & The RFT

The Riverfront Times covers Earl’s outburst in a fine article by Mike Seely.

Tom Spencer, recently retired from his fine blog is mentioned as well providing a little color commentary.

Interesting aspects of the article include WGNU’s management which seems to be taking it very seriously. Other than that was the amazing reaction of Gordon Baum, Executive Director of the Council of Conservative Citizens, who said,

"The strong language shows a lapse in civility but doesn’t paint him as a white supremacist," says Baum. "It doesn’t sound like Earl. He must have been imbibing when he did that. As far as the rhetoric is concerned, I don’t go along with that."

What the hell would paint him as a white supremacist then? I’m curious. When one describes an entire race as savage and brutish, wouldn’t that qualify as inferior to another race? Or is the logical conclusion not supposed to be reached? Whatever.

And BTW, in regards to integration….I do live in an integrated area–my Census block group is 35% African American and my block is probably majority black. Now, admittedly, Earl lives in a black census tract, but I am familiar with having black neighbors and friends. Perhaps it is Earl’s stunning personality that is his problem…

Bush Ballot Brouha

I’ve been swamped getting the new site up and ready, but Dan Johnson-Weinberger covers the fight over getting Bush on the ballot. As does Jeff Trigg.

I am not thrilled with redistricting, but Dan gets at the issue pretty well. I am not happy with Dems trying to avoid fines, but isn’t that to be expected when you try and circumvent the law for electoral gain? The other side does it too.

Dan desperately deserves to be on the blog roll and he will be on the new site.

Good Deed for the Holiday

Forwarded on behalf Chris Krummenacher. If you’re interested in helping out the family whose southside house burned down this past week and who were then subsequently robbed, Chris is willing to help facilitate. Should you feel so inclined to donate funds or physical items, contact Chris( and he can put you in contact with the appropriate folks.

"You’ve probably seen the story about the Colenburg family, whose house caught fire and who had to run though that fire and toss his kids and himself out a third floor window to safety. If you saw today’s paper, you saw that they got buglarized on top of it.

"I got a hold of the bank that is collecting monetary donations for that family and found that another family is collecting physical items (toys, clothes, eletronics, etc…) for the Colenburg family. I was just hoping you might pass this note along and ask folks that if they want to donate anything to get in touch with me and I can either the contact the person collecting this stuff or give them their phone number."

Please consider contributing if you are able.

This occurred in Saint Louis for readers outside of the region.

SB 101 Status

The bill to add sexual orientation as a suspect classification stalled, here is the deal from a source who was in Springfield:

Obama worked hard for this group and got Meeks to agree to be vote 30 or 31. Not easy for Meeks to do, but he did it.

Hynes took a walk. Senator Maloney would do whatever Hynes asked him to do, and so far Maloney is a whole lot of no. Same with Viverito. If Madigan/Hynes asked Viverito to jump on, don’t you think he would?

Lending credence to the concerns about how hard Hynes will follow up on gay rights bills. More to follow.

Rainbow/Push Rally Discontent

From a reader:

Update from a Rainbow/Push Rally

There was an incident at the Rainbow/Push rally with Barack Obama, Joyce Washington and Blair Hull in attendance (with other dignitaries – most notable Carol Mosely Braun, Bobby Rush, Danny Davis and Jesse Jackson).

In the middle of several speaches a group of angry folks started shouting
in a bull horn "when are you going to let us speak!"

They were allowed to go forward and spoke their piece. Basically they said that black leaders had sold out the black community for their own political power. They (settled down) for a while and then basically disrupted the event. When Danny Davis and Bobby Rush walked up the BOOED them standing on the stage in front of the TV cameras. Things finally got calmed down a bit (although they were still on the stage frequently booing people).

The police were getting very nervous.

When I’m Happy To Be Wrong

I’m befuddled how the Governor thinks this better protects officers, but that is a side issue—The State of Illinois, counter to my prediction, has passed a sweeping reform of the Death Penalty. Kudos (ed. props are for late night beer induced posts) to State Senators Barack Obama and John Cullerton who did much of the heavy lifting on the bill. While I’m adamantly opposed to the death penalty, this is a wonderful step forward.