Accessible Blogging

Paul from CenterPoint points out a problem with blogger templates–quite often it overrides the ability of those with poor site to change text size when viewing a page.

This is an excellent point and I will make the changes the next time I work on my template as well as work on the darkness of my type. Thanks to Paul for pointing out this small issue that is easy to fix. Perhaps we all should take it into account.

Everytime You Think George Ryan Couldn’t Be Any Worse

he outdoes himself. He appointed 40 top administrators to four year terms right before Blagojevich took over. These position are termed positions that usually end right after a new administration takes over. However, if a vacancy occurs, a new appointment gets the full four year terms. In these cases, the individuals resigned, a vacancy was declared, and given a new four year appointment for essentially the same positions. They are now assured of jobs up until 2006.

I hate it when someone beats me to the punch

After hearing that Delay had called Democrats the Party of Appeasement I was about to do a web search of DeLay’s comments concerning Yugoslavia. William Saletan beat me to it.

I was for intervention in the Balkans and I’m for intervention in Iraq. However, I don’t think every person opposed is for appeasement of our enemies. I think they are incorrect, but the vast majority simply have come to different conclusions about how to deal with each threat in the most effective manner possible.

Except for twits like DeLay. They are just opportunist hacks.

Spinning a Buck to Save Some money

Blagojevich is seeking to sell bonds at historically low interest rates to free up funds to close the budget shortfall. All sorts of states and localities are playing with these sort of mechanisms and I’m leery of some of them. However, in this case, it shouldn’t hurt the state anymore than refinancing a house does and the state should pursue the plan.

Steve Brown is the policy guy for the Speaker and takes care of most of these decisions. He is very good at keeping his guy out of trouble, so my reading is that if he ultimately signs off, it will have to be a sound plan.

Schlafly Returns

And discusses the ERA on the Illinois Leader

Here is a choice comment:

Section 2 of ERA would take enormous areas of law out of the hands of state legislatures and transfer them to the Federal Government: to the Congress, to the federal courts to interpret what Congress does, and to the federal bureaucracy to write regulations that have the force of law.

These areas of law would include marriage, divorce, family property law, child custody, adoptions, abortions, alimony, some criminal laws, age limits for marriage and the age of consent, public and private schools, prison regulations, and insurance rates.

Errrrrr..thanks for playing, but no. What the ERA would do is require states demonstrate a compelling state interest for differentiating based on gender in any of these policy areas just as it must for race, national origin and religion.

Let the lies continue…