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The site has been slow for a couple days because of some upgrades, but let me recommend Blogstudio for those looking to start a blog or change who they use. Overall, I’m very happy with the service and quality of the site. I find it more intuitive to use than Blogger and certainly more reliable. In addition, comments and RSS Feed is available for $15/year and stats are coming. I’m sure there will eventually be a price increase, but I expect that will still be lower than Blogger Pro.

For those looking for more advanced features, the also offer web site hosting.

Most important is that they respond very quickly to me when I do have a problem.

Testimony over.

The disturbing language of Affirmative Action

Normally, I’m most disturbed by the conflation of quotas and affirmative action, but lately I’ve been just as disturbed by college administrators who use the term diversity to justify affirmative action. Diversity is important and should be sought out, but more important to the underlying need for affirmative action is the need to promote opportunity. Nancy Cantor, current U of Illinois Champaign Chancellor argues for some race based factors in admissions, but fails to mention the importance of opportunity for underrepresented minorities.

Sneed Round-up, Indictments, Obama and Barr Topinka for Guv?

Michael Sneed reports:

Sneed hears rumbles indictments of some McCormick Place honchos may be imminent. Hmmmm. Does it involve McPier Board contracts?

This will be ugly.

U.S. Senate hopeful Barack Obama, who was ecstatic when former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun pulled out of her bid to recapture her old seat, may still have to hit the bottle of Excedrin.

*The reason: Former lieutenant governor hopeful Joyce Washington is considering entering the Senate fray.

*The extra reason: Moseley-Braun’s exit meant Obama could wake up with at least a guaranteed 32 percent of the Dem primary vote. (Obama, a state senator, was just voted among the top 100 Dem leaders to watch by the national Democratic Leadership Council.

DLC doesn’t have this posted yet. Joyce Washington? One has to wonder if she is a real candidate.

Judy. Judy. Judy. Governor Judy?

Sneed hears the White House views state Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, the only Republican to win statewide election, as a formidable candidate for Illinois governor in 2006.

*To wit: Isn’t that one reason Topinka is heading to Washington, D.C., this week, where she will be queried about spearheading the Bush re-election campaign in Illinois? You bet.

Oh, how the conservatives will howl…